Every job seeker has weak points!!!

Think. Is there a time when you were perfect? You have no flaws and there isn’t anyone on the face of this planet that wants to hire you. Well, let’s face the facts, that day will never come. We all have shortcomings in one way or another.

If it’s not that we are too young or old, have too much or not enough experience, or maybe it’s that we are too right – left brained for the position. Maybe we are over/under credentialed, certified, degreed, JD’ed or PHD’ed? The list is endless. Many years ago, feedback from my headhunter was I didn’t get a particular job because the interviewer felt my sleeves were too long. With perception being everything, I switched tailors immediately.

Take it from me, we all have weak points. Things we want to hide, enhance, sweep away, conceal, or erase. It’s OK, we are human and that is the beauty of it all. As human beings we can overcome these obstacles and prevail. You need to focus on your strengths and not your flaws.

Let’s do a little paradigm shift. Let’s take a look at the “Donald”, Donald Trump that is. He has received much press coverage over the years from a multitude of “experts” and “critics” alike. With all the “buzz” it would be quite easy for him to go hide on an island somewhere and live off his wealth. But that is not for what he is made of. The “Donald” wears his persona like a coat of armor, deflecting, interpreting, disputing or just ignoring what comes his way.

He himself has admitted to having “handicaps” or “weaknesses”. He does not let even a bad hair day get him down. Many have commented on his chose of hair styles but he doesn’t care. If fact, he has owned it, made fun of it and made it his own. Mr. Trump has been quoted as saying, “The image of success is important, but even more important is the ability to focus on solutions instead of on problems. That way, you’ll never be thinking like a loser and you probably won’t look like one either.” As a job seeker you also need to keep a successful image and the best way to do that is to not focus on what you think are your handicaps. Remember, people view you as you view yourself.

The “Donald” also pointed out that he tries “to learn from the past, but I plan for the future by focusing exclusively on the present. That’s where the fun is.” When you are interviewing you need to stay focused on the “Present”. You should also be having some fun with your search. This is your time to go out and get what you want for yourself. You can’t do anything about the past, but you can direct your future by operating in the present. The present is where it is happening and that is what will drive you to your next exciting employment opportunity.

Everyone has an opinion; you need to decide how you want to internalize. You can let them take you down or you can be the “Donald” by putting on your wonder women bracelets and deflecting the negative. Keep the positive and make your future. It’s right here and right now.

This article was written by Liane H. Gould, Manager of Career Services of the ACS Department of Career Management and Development.

3 Responses to Every job seeker has weak points!!!

  1. sashi nair says:

    It is true that industry sometimes considers excess experience as baggage ,which you cannot check in at the airport of career advancement.

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