Do you have what employers want?

You might be surprised to learn that employers are not only looking for the technical but put heavy emphasis on soft skills.  Employers know that candidates have the technical skills to do the job but need employees that has solid communication skills and work well with co-workers.  This is where employers say most candidates fall short.

Employers responded to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ (NACE) annual Job Outlook survey were asked to rate the importance of candidate qualities and skills on a five-point scale, with five being “extremely important” and one being “not important.” Communication skills (4.7 average), honesty/integrity (4.7), teamwork skills (4.6), interpersonal skills (4.5), motivation/initiative (4.5), and strong work ethic (4.5) were the most desired characteristics.

“While employers rate communication skills as one of their most desired characteristics, they also report that they are the skills that are most lacking in today’s job candidates,” says Marilyn Mackes, NACE executive director.

The good news is that you can develop or hone these soft-skills through training. And ACS is making it easy.

ACS and Harvard Business Publishing have partnered to offer a suite of 42 online courses. At your own pace you can develop communication skills and other critical business skills such as:

§ Writing Skills

§ Presentation Skills

§ Team Leadership

§ Leading and Motivating

§ Negotiating

§ Persuading Others

§ Coaching

§ Delegating

§ Feedback Essentials

§ Difficult Interactions

§ Diversity

§ Career Management

You benefit by gaining high-demand skills. And you get to download an ACS-Harvard Certificate of Completion for each course you complete. ACS recommends that you include the course titles on your resume as a way to stand out from other applicants. See the full course descriptions here. Go to to enroll today!

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