BIO – Dr. Carolyn Ribes

Dr. Carolyn Ribes
Technical Leader, Core Research and Development, Dow Benelux BV

Dr. Carolyn Ribes is a technical leader in the Core Research & Development Group of Dow Benelux. She earned her PhD in Analytical Chemistry at the University at Buffalo and has worked for Dow for 19 years. Carolyn experienced culture shock as well as thermal shock when she took her first industrial job with Dow Chemical near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 1989. As a member of the Process Analytical Group, she developed methods and designed systems for real time analysis of process streams. She relocated to Freeport, Texas in 1997 with her spouse Al, who also works for Dow. At that time, she started working more on global teams, ensuring that standardized analyses were installed in Dow’s plants globally.

Carolyn and Al spent one year in Argentina participating in the start up of a polyethylene plant. In 2006, they relocated to Holland, an employee-requested move that Carolyn refers to has “her mid-life crisis”. She remains in the same group, leads the European Process Analytical team and is currently working on projects in Spain, Thailand, Netherlands, India, the UK, and the US. The Ribeses enjoy exploring the Dutch countryside on bicycles, tasting Belgian beer, and learning about European culture and history. Carolyn is an active ACS member and currently chairs the ACS Committee on Science.

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