BIO – David Porter

David Porter

David Porter  
David Porter is Managing Partner of Apposite Capital LLP, the manager of the Apposite Healthcare Fund LP.  The fund is a single sector healthcare fund.   The fund invests in both lifesciences and healthcare services.  Prior to Apposite, David was at Nomura International, where he spent 11 years in private equity roles. The first investment that David was involved with at Nomura International was Angel Train Contracts, a very successful investment by Nomura’s Principal Finance Group.
He then set up and grew Nomura’s in-house lifesciences and healthcare services private equity groups, before joining Mizuho International to establish its first non-Japanese private equity group in 2005.   In 2006, David led the spin out of this group to form Apposite.

David is very involved in the UK healthcare industry, and has served as a member of the UK government’s Health Reform Group looking at reforms to the provision of healthcare to NHS patients.  David also served on the finance section of the UK Bioscience Innovation and Growth Team review.  David was Chairman of the Audit Committee and Board Member of the BioIndustry Association.

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