BIO – Dr. Catherine T. “Katie” Hunt

Dr. Catherine T. Hunt

Director, Technology Collaboration Development
The Dow Chemical Company

CATHERINE T. “Katie” HUNT former Corporate Sustainability Director and Leader for Technology Partnerships for the Rohm and Haas Company has taken on an exciting new role as the Director, Technology Collaboration Development for The Dow Chemical Company . She began her career as a senior scientist in

analytical research at Rohm and Haas in 1984 after completing an NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship at Yale University. Katie has held positions of increasing responsibility, from research scientist to process chemist to plant laboratory manager to Director of their worldwide Analytical and Computational Competency Network (better known as ACNET).

Katie holds an A.B. in Chemistry (Cum Laude) from Smith College and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of California, Davis. She was the 2007 President of the American Chemical Society where she championed education, collaboration and innovation, especially related to the Sustainability of Energy, Food and Water.

Dr. Hunt is a member of the MIT Visiting Committee for the Department of Chemical Engineering and serves on the Advisory Boards of the Rochester Institute of Technology National Technical Institute for the Deaf, and the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania IGEL (Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership) and the Mayor of Philadelphia’s Sustainability Advisory Board, as well as the National Academies Roundtable for the Science and Technology of Sustainability. Katie holds memberships with the American Chemical Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Sigma Xi and the New York Academy of Science.

Over her professional career, Katie has received numerous awards. Most recently, she received the Outstanding Alumna award from the University of California, Davis (2009); the Smith College Medal (2008); “Best 50 Women in Business” in Pennsylvania (2007); and was elected Fellow by the American Chemical Society – in it’s inaugural class. She is also a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (2007).

In her spare time Katie enjoys yoga, bicycling, judging science fairs, mentoring students and spending time with her family (husband, Wes, and son, James)..

Downloads for August 13, 2009 Teleconference [The Chemistry of Leadership: Making Your Skills Count Powerpoint (50 KB)]
[ Audio File (10 MB)] [ Text Transcript (106 KB)]
 Downloads from the March 12, 2009 Teleconference [ Audio File (53 MB)] [ Text Transcript (95 KB)] [ Speed Networking (913 KB)] [ Elevator Speech Cheat Sheet (46 KB)] [ Networking Bibliography for ACS (25 KB)]

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5 Responses to BIO – Dr. Catherine T. “Katie” Hunt

  1. wafik Fahim says:

    Dear Dr.Cathrine T.
    you have great history in chemical industry,
    i wish to find my self like u.

    best regards,

  2. To: Dr. Catherine T. Hunt and the viewers of this ACS site. I am an
    editor of a journal and member of ACS as well as Sigma Xi. I appreciated your presentations on Networking and Leadership. As you pointed out, both competency, passion and alignment is necessary. This can certainly be gained over time and is facilitated by
    networking. One aspect worth mentioning in these regards is a recommendation to serve as a peer reviewer for a journal or for a grant application. This process upholds scientific integrity,
    establishes relationships with reputable colleagues and their affiliations and may present the reviewer with additional opportunities to gain expertise. ACS has many fine journal and those interested can contact the editors of those journals for details.

    Greg P. Smestad, Ph.D.

    • Katie Hunt says:

      Greg, thanks for you positive feedback, as well as your excellent suggestion. Continuous improvement is right up my alley! Serving as a peer reviewer is fabulous add! cheers, Katie

    • Greg, I don’t know how I missed your remarks earlier…but THANK YOU for this thoughtful and worthwhile suggestion; and thank you for volunteering your time to the profession! through both ACS and Sigma Xi.

  3. Dear Ms Hunt, I attended a materials engineering expo at Drexel last weekend and met Karen Winey (UofPenn) after her seminar /forum. I am pursuing a new career in sustainability and wish to obtain as much information as possible in this fairly new field. You are apparently the sustainability guru at Dow, any advice?
    Best Regards,
    Mike Schneller

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