More Information – Dr. Catherine T. “Katie” Hunt

ACS Careers Industry Forum presents
“The Chemistry of Leadership: Making Your Skills Count! ”
An interactive hour of idea sharing with guest speaker: Catherine T. “Katie” Hunt, Ph.D.

In the midst of organizational changes, how do you make your skill set count? The first step is evaluating what’s needed; the second step is filling the gap. What’s needed is leadership, leadership at all levels. As I learned in an ACS Leadership Development Course, the three critical elements of leadership are: competency (the right mix of skills to do the job), passion (an inherent desire to get the job done), and alignment (a strong focus on achieving the goals). When you have all three, you see and feel success. Conversely, when individual performance or team performance is lacking, you can use this framework to assess the situation and plan a course of action. We’ll walk through what this looks like and then throw the session open for Q&A.

How You Will Benefit
Hear personal stories and insights from a successful leader
Ask questions and apply her insights to your personal situation
Learn what skills you need to succeed in your career

Who Should Attend
Scientists, Engineers, R&D, and business employees

About The Presenter
CATHERINE T. “Katie” HUNT, former Corporate Sustainability Director and Leader for Technology Partnerships for the Rohm and Haas Company, has taken on an exciting new role as the Director, Technology Collaboration Development for The Dow Chemical Company. She began her career as a senior scientist in analytical research at Rohm and Haas in 1984 after completing an NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship at Yale University. Katie has held positions of increasing responsibility, from research scientist to process chemist to plant laboratory manager to Director of their worldwide Analytical and Computational Competency Network (better known as ACNET). Over her professional career, Katie has received numerous awards including the “Best 50 Women in Business” in Pennsylvania by Governor Rendell.

Teleconference Details
Thursday, August 13, 2009
Time: 2:00-3:00 pm EST
Fee: Complimentary
Don’t miss outRegister in advance. Space is limited.
More information:

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