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Want to know how to be one of the ‘top-dogs’ in industry R&D?
If you want to advance your industry career, you can’t afford to miss this event!
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ACS Careers Industry Forum presents
“From Chemistry Set as a Ten Year Old to Running R&D for a major Pharmaceutical Company”
An interactive hour of idea sharing with guest speaker:  John LaMattina, Ph.D.
President (Ret.), Pfizer Global R&D and Author “Drug Truths:  Dispelling the Myths about Pharma R&D”

Remember what attracted you into chemistry? Now, how do you build a successful chemistry career in industry? Whether you are looking for a career in industry, starting your industry career, preparing for a second or third career, finding your passion is critical to planning your success. Dr. LaMattina will share his experience from starting as a bench chemist to his retirement as the President of Global R&D for Pfizer. He will talk about the ups and downs of his career trajectory as well as provide insight into the how science and business decisions were made in the board room. Dr. LaMattina will share his valuable tips and tricks on how to build a successful industry career for both starting and experienced scientists. Dr. LaMattina will also answer questions from the audience during this hour.

How You Will Benefit
Get a first hand view of life in big pharma for a chemist
Learn the challenges that young scientists face in industry
Discover opportunities available for second careers for baby-boomers
Understand the balance between science and business in industry
And much more

Who Should Attend
Scientists, Engineers, R&D, and business employees

About The Presenter
Dr. John L. LaMattina is the former Senior Vice President, Pfizer Inc and President, Pfizer Global Research and Development. In this role, Dr. LaMattina oversaw the drug discovery and development efforts of over 12,000 colleagues in the United States, Europe and Asia. He retired from this position in December, 2007. At Pfizer Dr. LaMattina’s research involved seeking new therapeutic agents for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders and also asthma. He is the author of numerous scientific publications and U.S. patents. In addition, he is the author of “Drug Truths: Dispelling the Myths about Pharma R&D”. Dr. LaMattina’s passion about chemistry is reflected in his career success.

Teleconference Details
Thursday, May 14, 2009
Time: 2:00-3:00 pm EST
Fee: Complimentary
Don’t miss outRegister in advance. Space is limited.
More information:

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