BIO – Dr. Michael Strem

Dr. Michael Strem, President, Strem Chemicals, Inc.

Dr. Michael Strem, President, Strem Chemicals, Inc., founded Strem Chemicals immediately upon receiving his Ph.D. in chemistry. Strem Chemicals Inc. was established in 1964, and is a privately held company that manufactures and markets specialty chemicals. Its clients include academic, industrial and government research and development laboratories as well as commercial scale businesses in the pharmaceutical, microelectronic and chemical/petrochemical industries. The company specializes in organometallics, catalysts and cGMP synthesis. Michael Strem holds a Bachelor of Arts from Brown University, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Pittsburgh.

Scientific Contributions: Strem Chemicals is known worldwide for its consistency and reliability in the inorganic fine chemicals area. As head of Strem Chemicals from its establishment to the date, Michael Strem has contributed to the growth of the company. Additionally, he was known for his active part in ACS services as a member of ACS since 1960 and had been active in the ACS governance for a long time. He has served as Chair of the Division of Small Chemical Businesses, Chair of the Northeastern Section, and a Councilor for fifteen years. A member of the ACS Board of Directors from 1998 – 2000.

Achievements: The Henry A. Hill Award for Distinguished Service to the Northeastern Section offered by ACS in 1995; New England Institute of Chemists Distinguished Chemist Award in 2000; Newburyport Business Champions for Education Award in 1997.

Scientific and Professional Activities Royal Society of Chemistry; Materials Research Society; Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker; Societe Francaise de Chimie; Synthetic Organic Chemicals Manufacturing Association (SOCMA). ACS Divisions: Industrial and Engineering Chemistry; Inorganic Chemistry; Organic Chemistry; Polymer Chemistry; Professional Relations and Small Chemical Businesses.

Community Involvement: Newburyport Business/Education Coalition, Inc., Board of Trustees, 1990 to date; Co-President, 2000-01; Newburyport Area Industrial Development Corporation, Board of Trustees, 1990 to date; to list a few..

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