BIO – Dr. Thomas H. Lane

Thomas H. Lane, Ph.D., CChem, CSci, FRSC Dow Corning Corporation, Director, Global Science and Technology Outreach and Senior Research Scientist,
Dow Corning Corporation and President elect. 

Current Appointments: Director, Global Science and Technology Outreach and Senior Research Scientist, Dow Corning Corporation. Tom has over thirty-three years of research experience in the field of organosilicon chemistry. He received his undergraduate chemistry education at Purdue University, a master’s degree from Central Michigan University and his Ph.D. in physical organic chemistry from the Open University in England. Tom’s work has allowed him to make significant contributions to the field in the areas of interfacial science, scientific computing, and most recently in the biology and biotechnology of silicon. He holds academic positions in both the US and abroad. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and president-elect of the American Chemical Society the largest scientific society in the world. Today, Tom’s primary focus is education and putting a human face to chemistry. Thomas H. Lane’s Website.

Tom is actively involved in education at all levels, K- post graduate. He is the immediate past chairman of the board of trustees for Delta College, graduate research advisor, K-12 classroom friend, and an advocate for all teachers.

For fun – Tom enjoys photography. He specializes in black & white, film photography using large wooden field cameras (8×10 inch negatives). He maintains and uses a professional level darkroom in his home to develop and print his images using techniques and formulas that date back to the mid-1800.

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